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Dongbei Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. (DSSC for short) was integrated on September of 2004 by three former major state-owned enterprises in Northeast China, which included former Dalian Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd., Fushun Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. and Beiman Special Steel Group Co., Ltd.. As of December, 2008 the registered assets of the Group was RMB 3.64 billion and the total assets RMB 22.5 billion. DSSC has been the leading provider within the China specialty steel market producing high quality and high added-value special steel products. DSSC ranks 285th in China top 500 enterprises for its business income of RMB 19.154 billion in 2008。

The head office of Dongbei Special Steel Group is situated in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian. Besides the three production bases of Dalian Special Steel, Fushun Special Steel and Beiman Special Steel, the subsidiaries have been set up in Dalian, Fushun, Qiqihar, Shandong, Anshan, Shanghai and Inner Mongolia: Dalian Precision Alloy Co.,Ltd.、Dalian Special Steel Products Co.,Ltd. and 5 wholly- owned subsidiaries ; Dongbei Special Steel Group Mechanical and electrical engineering Co.,Ltd. 、Shandong Yinglun machinery Co.,Ltd.、 Shanghai special steel Co.,Ltd. and 11 holding companies; Dalian Steel wire Co,.Ltd. 、Yantai Special Steel Co.,Ltd. and 7 shareholder companies.
The merger of Dalian Special Steel established in 1905, Fushun Special Steel in 1937 and Beiman Special Steel in 1957 enables DSSC to be called the “cradle” of specialty steel industry within China. These three special steel companies have created countless firsts: the first heat of stainless steel、 the first heat of high speed tool steel、the first heat of high strength steel and ultra-high strength steel、the first heat of precision alloy、the first heat of heat resisting alloy……providing the important material for the research of the first spacecraft、the first man-made satellite、the first missile、the first distance launch vehicle、the first new aircraft、the first nuclear-powered submarine、the first heavy tank, and so on.

In recent years, Dongbei Special Steel Group provides the key material for the research in the field of launching successfully “Shenzhou” series spacecraft、”Change’ ”lunar mission and researching “fighter 10”、domestic aircraft project、new generation destroyer、nuclear-powered submarine. DSSC also provides the new special steel material for nuclear power, wind power facility, high speed rail, automobile localization, updating the steel for petroleum exploration industry. DSSC takes the responsibility of above 50% of scientific research topic of new ferrous metallurgical material.

Dongbei Special Steel Group has the following four leading products:
Stainless steel long products. DSSC produces wire rod, small bar, big bar and stainless steel wire, strip, pipe, sheet of acid resisting steel, alkali resistant steel, heat resisting steel. “SANDA” brand stainless steel bar (wire rod) material was awarded firstly the “China top brand” in the domestic industry in 2007.
Bearing steel. DSSC is the main research and production base of China high quality bearing steel. “The high carbon chromium bearing steel wire rod used for direct drawing and the production process” has been awarded national patent. Bearing steel bar (wire rod) material received the first award of “China top brand” in the domestic industry in 2007.
Tool and die steel. DSSC is the biggest production base of top grade tool and die steel in China with a domestic market share that covers above 50%. The main tool and die steel is hot working tool steel, cold working tool steel, plastic die steel with high property requirements. Die steel forging block, die steel flat bar with width above 800mm, GFM tool steel flat bar have been regarded as the first brand products in the China tool and die steel industry.
Automotive steel. DSSC is the main production and research base for the key parts and components of automotive steel in domestic market.

In addition, Dongbei special steel group has the six main brand products:
Heat resisting alloy. The heat resisting alloy products used for domestic aviation and spaceflight and military field that researched and supplied by Dongbei special steel group covers 90% of market share. The authority specialist evaluates the heat resisting alloy metallurgy technology of Dongbei special steel group has a good lead over other counterparts for 10 years in the domestic industry.
Precision Alloy. DSSC is the cradle of researching and producing super alloy, which is the main production base of producing precision alloy in few domestic plants.
High strength steel. DSSC owns the exclusive production technology and production supply in the domestic industry. 100% of high strength steel, ultra-high strength steel used in the field of aviation and spaceflight and military are supplied by DSSC.
Special steel wire. DSSC is the designated production base of producing special steel wire for national military.
Bright bar. DSSC owns the most advanced and largest production base worldwide of high precision surface steel products.
Heavy forgings. DSSC owns the advanced production facility and process technology in producing heavy forgings.

Dongbei special steel group owns 10 specialized production lines with international level:
(1) bearing steel bar, wire rod production line;
(2) steel for automotive production line;
(3) stainless steel bar, wire rod production line;
(4) super alloy bar, forgings, sheet, strip, wire production line;
(5) tool and die steel flat bar production line;
(6) die steel blocks and forgings production line;
(7) alloy steel bright bar production line;
(8) alloy steel wire production line;
(9) finished roller and large size forgings production line;
(10) seamless pipe production line

Currently Dalian and Fushun bases have invested RMB 10 billion each, and Beiman base has invested RMB 22.7 billions to build the new and large scale technology innovation, which will be the special steel production base with the international level in constructing process facility, research technology, product quality and environment protection.

Dongbei special steel group aims in “Building the leader enterprise with international science and technology.” and “We pursue a goal unswervingly for revitalizing national special steel undertaking.” To take the responsibility of leading the China special steel industry trace the leading edge of production technology of world special steel, and ensuring China military and high-tech industry development not to be restricted by the special steel material.


Dongbei Special Steel Group International Trade Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Dongbei pecial Steel Group, which is in charge of export businesses for Dongbei Special Steel Group, it is composed of 7 sections: Asia division, Europe & America division, Document division, Administration division, Fushun branch, Beigang Branch, Financial division. Now the materials have been exported to more than 20 regions and countries such as America, Europe and Asia, focusing on carbon structural steel, alloy steel, tool steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, superalloy.


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